Past Events & Fundraising Successes


Dean Bowker Board Member John Fawcett Foundation  Giving Gift of Sight Thursday, 16th of January 2020

The Nexus between Security & Accessibility on Wednesday 17th July 2019

“A Night at the Museum” – Explore the amazing displays at the first KEMH, Harvey House, now WA Medical Museum on Wednesday 22 May 2019

Western Front Dead from Western Australia by Shannon Lovelady on Wednesday 13 March 2019

Connecting the Nation Memories of the Trans Australian Railway by Philippa Rogers on 17th January 2019

Pioneer Daughter Fleshing Out a Diary by Gillian Lilleyman on 15th November 2018


Thinking outside the square  The First Fleet Piano by Professor Geoffrey Lancaster OAM Thursday 26th July 2018

Barry Strickland presents The Waler: Australia’s Great War Horse on Thursday 15th March 2018

A Peculiarly Fortunate Life by Diana Warnock OAM Thursday 18 January 2018

Stepping into the Abyss by Sara David Thursday 23rd of November 2017

BLING A Trio who love to sing Thursday 20 July 2017 

Adventures in Antactica 18th May 2017 by Libby Lloyd

The Creation of the National Anzac Centre – 16th March 2017

Inspired by Light & Land presented by Dr Dorothy Erickson – 25 January 2017

A Touch of Dutch – 400 years of Dutch Connections with WA – 24 November 2016

“Picture Palaces of the Golden West” – 15 September 2016

The Rothschild Prayer Book & KEMH ALUMNI Annual General Meeting – 21 July 2016

The Jewel of Muscat” (The re-creation and sailing of a ninth-century sewn-plank ship) by Dr. Tom Vosmer – 26 May 2016

“Oh! For the Shade of a Tree” Nursing on the Nullarbor 1937-1998 by Joy Brann – 23 March 2016

From Africa to the Kimberley (via KEMH) By Dr. Hamish McGlashan – 21 January 2016


FUNDRAISING MOVIE NIGHT The Seagull  Thursday 4 October 2018

Murder on the Orient Express Movie Fundraiser 15th November 2017

Exclusive Private Viewing: The Wesfarmers Art Collection – 23 May 2017

Fundraising Movie Night “Hidden Figures” 22 February 2017

Trevor Eastwood Car Collection – 26 November 2016

Fundraiser Movie Night BRIDGET JONES’ BABY – 30 September 2016

Open Garden Saturday 14 November 2015 

Exclusive viewing the Wesfarmers Art Collection – 10 December 2015